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If you get an impulse in a scene, no matter how wrong it seems, follow the impulse, it might be something, and if it ain’t—take two!
— Jack Nicholson

How Much Time should I Allow for my Appointment?

This is a very personal decision but typically 5 pages or less can be completed in 30 minutes.  Any more than that, we advise an hour or more. We'll watch the clock for  you

How Will I Look?

At Speed Reels we want you to look and sound your best. We shoot on MP4 video.  We will always light to you specifically. And we have the highest quality sound. We take care of the technical so you can focus on the work

Should I Be Off Book?

This also is a personal decision. Typically the more prepared you are the more you will get out of your appointment. But we can always run lines with you, stop and start takes and we always have an easel so if you need it- we can tape your lines up. Believe us, we've seen it all and we'll help you any way we can!

Is Coaching Included?

Every Speed Reels session includes an experienced coach. We can provide feed back or simply run the camera. You tell us what you need and we are always there in support of you

Will There be a Reader?

We will always have one experienced coach in the room and almost always have an additional reader as well. If you want to bring your own reader that is never a problem.

Can I Review my Takes?

You can do as many takes as your time allows. You can watch them in between or at the end of your appointment, or you can ask us to pick for you. You use your time as it best serves you.  And we can include as many takes as you like in your downloadable link

Can My Tape Be Sent to More Than One Address?

We can send your Wetransfer downloadable link to as many email addresses as you provide

When Will I Get My Tape?

All auditions taped before 1pm will be sent by 2pm and all auditions after 2pm will go out by 8pm at the latest.

What if I need my Tape Immediately?

If you need your tape immediately you can always select RUSH EDIT at check out for 15$.  Or simply let us know at the beginning of your appointment and we will end in time to edit your tape so it will be ready when you leave. The recommended edit time is 15 minutes

What if I don't use all my time, will I get a refund?

We cannot refund unused time since we can't rebook it.  But if there is time left at the end of your appointment we will use it to get your edited tape out to you faster

What if I Have More Questions?

Email us at info@speedreels.com and we will gladly answer any more questions you might have